Luxury Snow Crab Clusters
Delicious Luxury Brand Snow Crab Clusters remain the highest quality products available to consumers today. Our quality focussed supply partners ensure that consumers only receive the finest crab to their retail or food service operations. We remain focussed on being a leader in the snow crab industry and remain committed to delivering on a consistent and reliable basis.


Luxury Snow Crab Meat and Claws
AQS delivers Luxury Gold hand extracted Snow Crab combination meat and claw products to our customer base. We will not compromise our commitment to selling only the finest Snow Crab meat and claw products to our customers. Our premium crab meat offers our customers versatility, along with quality, flavor and convenience.


Luxury Rock Crab Meat
AQS is one of the world's largest producers and marketers of Rock Crab combination and salad meat. Our producers process only the freshest crab available. Hundreds of customers around the world know the premium quality of our Rock Crab products. As one of the largest marketers of Rock Crab we are able to deliver our products on a consistent year round basis.


Luxury Jonah Crab Meat and Claws
Luxury Brand Jonah Crab meat and claws lends itself to successful, convenient presentations in the most elegant dishes or may be used in simple delicious recipes.


Luxury Atlantic Crab Meat
Luxury Brand Canadian Atlantic Crab meat is rapidly gaining popularity and offers a slightly different texture and flavor to Snow Crab but features the same quality, dependable availability and versatility.

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Sirena Luxury Crab Whitecap International Seafood Exporters MSC Certificate